Let London Spit Roast add an extra dollop of love for your wedding day feast!

Catering for weddings has never tasted better or made guests happier than the spit roasts produced by the professional and passionate team of caterers from London Spit Roast!  Catering a spit roast for a wedding has become a work of art in the hands of London Spit Roast, creating romantic wedding packages with names like the Diamond Package, Sapphire Package and the Ruby Package, all served up with style and sophistication as only London Spit Roast can do.

The various spit roast wedding packages makes budgeting a cinch, with prices per person clearly set out on the London Spit Roast website.  For instance, the Diamond Package from London Spit Roast will provide you with your choice of either hog roast or spit roasts, vegetarian portions for 15% of your guests, so that everyone has something juicy to eat, fresh fluffy rolls and of course the apple sauce for pork.  In addition to these delicious options, London Spit Roast also gives you four different options from their salad range and the same from their canapés range, along with ceramic plates and stainless steel cutlery, with two waiters included to offer canapés to your guests.

……and that’s just the Diamond Package, if you would like to add a few desert options or additional staff members all you need to do is contact the friendly London Spit Roast team and they will find a way to accommodate you, and with hundreds of successful weddings to their name, this is a team of wedding caterers you can rely on to add a special touch to your very special day!

All produce is sourced from local suppliers and only the choicest cuts from the local butcher will do when London Spit Roast caters at your wedding, so whether you choose loin spit roast, hog roast or lamb roast, you can rely on a team with over 6 years worth of experience and over 400 successful spit roasts behind them to make the food on your special day truly exceptional.

Let London Spit Roast cater for your wedding if you would really like an extra dollop of love to go into the wedding feast!