Allow London Spit Roast to do the cooking while you have all the fun at your celebration!

Allow London Spit Roast to do the cooking while you have all the fun at your celebration!

When you break a leg, you need a doctor, when you chip or lose a tooth, it’s the dentist and if you want any irritating little wrinkles ironed out, you go to that guy who specialising in that kind of ironing, well, when it comes to making sure you have the best hog roast in London, it simply has to be the specialists at London Spit Roast that you will be going to!

Nothing can beat the quality of mouth-watering loin spit roasts, hog roasts, lamb roasts, mixed spit roasts and BBQ’s produced by the passionate team of caterers from London Spit Roast, professionals in catering for any party, function or event!  When London Spit Roast says they use only the choice cuts from local butchers you can believe them, or you can check out what some of their hundreds of very satisfied clients have to say about just how well their London Spit Roast went down!

London Spit Roast definitely knows how to pull a truly delicious and unforgettable spit roast together, adding extras that are every bit as good as the hog roast, lamb roast or loin spit roasts are, such as fabulously fresh salads, vegetarian portions to keep your veggie friends close to you, as well as canapés and decadent deserts, you choose, London Spit Roast delivers!

The packages which have been put together by the London Spit Roast team are very cleverly set out on their website, giving you straightforward and simple options which allow you to plan your budget for a celebration, corporate function, product launch or wedding and so much more well in advance, whether it is catering spit roast for 40, 100 and even up to 1000 guests, although this last one would take a lot more planning in advance with the team.

When you want the best hog roast catered in London, delivered by a team who are passionate about what they do, London Spit Roast should be your first port of call!