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Mouth-watering Canapés

A large range of mouth-watering canapés can be presented to stimulate the taste buds of your guests before your main meal. Please note that not all of our options are vegetarian, so please look out for the vegetarian sign (V) when making your selection. From our past experience we’ve learnt that each person tends to eat an average of 3-5 canapés per event. All canapés are served at room temperature and we only except orders for a minimum of 30 canapés per option. Please note prices below are exclusive of VAT.


Sliders (Mini Burgers)

Mini beef burger with lettuce, cheese and a caramelized onion sauce in a mini roll

per canapé

Mini Hot Dogs

Mini frankfurters in a small finger bun topped with ketchup and sweet mustard

per canapé

Cocktail Bites

A cocktail stick spiked with mozzarella stuffed chirizo, olive, cheddar and pickled onion

per canapé

Spring Rolls (V)

Vegetable spring rolls filled with a mixture of carrot, beansprouts, spring onion and peppers

per canapé
(suitable for vegetarians)

Goats Cheese Chorizo

Chorizo sausage topped with goats cheese, green olives and parsley

per canapé

Stilton and Parma Ham

Blue Stilton cheese topped with Parma ham and chutney on a savoury base

per canapé

Smoked Mussels

Savoury base topped with salmon cream cheese and smoked mussels

per canapé
(contain shellfish)

Biltong & Avo

Finely chopped beef biltong, avocado cream cheese and basil on top of a savoury base

per canapé

Want something different?

If you’re looking for different types of canapés, please get in touch by emailing us or contacting our office and we’ll see what we can whip up for you

We can also provide you with:

We can also provide you with vegetarian portions, canapés, dessert options, cutlery & crockery and additional staff members. Have a look at our Extras Page to find more information and individual pricing.

We require:

~ at least 3 x 3 meter space to set up our equipment
~ access for our equipment through to the designated cooking area
~ power within a 10 meter radius from our equipment
~ the customer to arrange and pay for parking
~ access to the venue 7 hours prior to serving
~ a 25% deposit to secure the date of your event



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