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London Spit Roast has made it really easy for you to plan the perfect spit roast with the packages put together by this professional and experienced team, with everything you could wish for in a spit roast listed on their website along with the affordable prices, so that sticking to your budget is quite simple while still enjoying the best spit roast in London and the surrounding areas.

This team does not even require much in terms of space in order to serve up the juiciest hog roasts, lamb roasts, mixed spit roasts and BBQ’s, just give London Spit Roast team a 3 x 3 meter space in which to set up their equipment, a power point that is within a 10 meter radius of the equipment, access for the equipment through to a designated cooking area and 7 hours at your venue to make sure that you will be offering your guests an unforgettable spit roast!

The affordable packages designed by the London Spit Roast team after the experience of well over 400 spit roasts since 2010 are set out to accommodate anything from 40 to 80 and 100 guests, but it doesn’t stop there; because of the years spent cooking up the best spit roasts in London, London Spit Roast is able to comfortably cater for up to 1000 guests!  Naturally catering for 1000 guests takes quite a bit of planning in advance so it would be a good idea to contact the team well ahead of your event so that everything is well organised ahead of time to ensure nothing less than the best in catering for you event or function.

The passion, commitment and level of professionalism displayed by the London Spit Roast team is evident in the glowing comments shared on their site by very satisfied clients, and it is clear from these comments that not only do these clients happily recommend London Spit Roast to all their friends and family, they also keep coming back for more of the best in catering!

Contact this friendly team who love what they do to assist you with planning an extraordinary spit roast, you will be joining a very happy family that will always make sure your events offer catering that is sublime!