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On the London Spit Roast website you will find packages which cater for various numbers of guests, broken up into your choice of Hog Spit Roasts, Lamb Spit Roasts and mixed spit roasts, with all the extras you may need listed on their site as well, but everything is aimed at the best catering of spit roasts at affordable prices.

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The menu London Spit Roast has put together for their stunning BBQ’s is enough to make your mouth water, so it’s not just their spit roasts that this team is loved for, and they include all the equipment for your London Spit Roast BBQ along with a chef or two to get the party started! There are only three things you need do to have the best BBQ in London and that is to choose London Spit Roast, purchase the meat and food products separately and show up for the fun!  The selection of burgers, sausages, skewers and much more may have you pinning a tail on a donkey to help you make your choice!

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