A spit roast is not a spit roast unless it’s catered by London Spit Roast!

A spit roast is not a spit roast until it’s catered to perfection by the passionate team from London Spit Roast!  Before you even think menu, you owe it to yourself and your guests to check out exactly what the ingredients are that come together to make London Spit Roast the most sought after team in London!

With this team you get it all, the juiciest Pork Spit Roasts, Lamb Spit Roasts and delectable Mixed Spit Roasts or creative BBQ’s with enough of a taste sensation to make every guest at your party, corporate event, wedding or product launch head back for seconds!

To top it all, London Spit Roast has a selection of extras to choose from that round off the menu perfectly, such as deliciously fresh canapés and salads and fluffy rolls to go along with the succulent roast.  No doubt you have a few vegetarian friends who may feel a bit nervous about your invite to a spit roast, but you can assure them that London Spit Roast will make sure that there will be a choice of vegetarian portions available to make them feel right at home!  Naturally, with professionals like this, you can expect a selection of desserts you can add to round the menu off sweetly.

London Spit Roast is passionate about what they do, and with hundreds of successful spit roasts under their belt and as many very satisfied customers, all this team is dedicated to is providing you with delicious food so that you get to relax and mingle with your guests, knowing that when it comes to dishing up you can be completely confident that your guests will be fully satiated with the very best spit roast in London!

If there is anything over and above the standard packages offered by London Spit Roast all it takes is a call to this friendly team and they will assist you with everything you need to have a sensational spit roast!  Visit the London Spit Roast website to view the mouth-watering spit roasts and extras very cleverly put together by this experienced team!